Artists Selected!

The Downtown Kinston Mural Program Selection Committee is pleased to announce the artists chosen to create a collection of public murals in our downtown. The application process was competitive, with over 165 local, state, national, and international artists applying for the opportunity. The resident-led Mural Selection Committee has spent several months of discussion to select a group of artists diverse in style, content, background, location, and experience. Committee member Celestine Davis shared the Committee’s hopes for the program and the artists participating.

“The Kinston I know has always been steeped in the arts,” said Davis, “They have lifted us, changed lives, and crossed boundaries of all types. Despite many challenges that have resulted in economic and community disinvestment by some, Kinston remains strong. I am proud of my hometown. With all that’s going on right now, I believe that the Kinston Mural Program is the perfect opportunity for us to unite, heal, and celebrate who we have always been--a forward-thinking community of excellence.” 

The following artists have been selected. Below is a record of their professional website, mural, its location, and a link to their Virtual Artist Talk.

  1. Maxx Moses - "The Journey"
  2. Broderick Flanigan - "Kinston Strong"
  3. Maximilian Mozingo & Jamil Burton
  4. D. Choci Gray
  5. Seraphim Smith
  6. Jared Bader



Professional Website:                                           Mural Wall: IG:@maxxmoses777                                    J's Place; 110 W Blount St

Mural Creation: September 5th - September 30th

Artist Talk on Zoom available at

Mural Walls

Eligible mural walls were selected from willing property owners located in or near the Municipal Service District downtown (purple), and not part of any existing Historic Districts (blue and yellow). The following were chosen:

  1. 212 W North St
  2. 314 N Queen St
  3. 110 W Blount St
  4. 228 S Queen St
  5. 401 S Queen St
  6. 524 S Queen St
  7. 101 N. Queen St

Kinston Mural Program Artists and Walls