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Rotary Dog Park


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Pond (optional)
  3. Restrooms (optional)
  4. Water (optional)
Located on Highway 55/11 South, down the road from the Neuseway Nature Park, the Rotary Dog Park is a wonderful place for dogs and their owners to enjoy social interaction through exercise and training.  The park features a 1/4 mile walking track, a fenced in area for large and small dogs, an agility course, and large ponds, which are used for AKC hunt tests each year.  

The Randall Family Pet Memorial Garden features an arbor with trailing vines and flowers, an iron gazebo, and a lovely 19th century fountain in the middle of the garden.  This memorial garden was made possible through the generous donation of the Randall Family, an integral contributor to the Kinston/Lenoir County community, and is a special place to honor or remember your pet. 

We also offer the option for you to purchase engraved bricks in memory of your pet that will be placed around the fountain in the gazebo area.  Also, your pet's cremated remains may be buried or sprinkled in the garden.  (If interested, please contact our main office at 252-39-3332).   

There is no charge and the park is open 7 days a week. 
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