Engineering Section


The Engineering section is organized into 3 teams:
  • Design and Project Management
  • Inspections
  • Traffic Signals


The Design and Project Management team's major responsibilities include the surveying and design of the following:
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Storm Drainage
  • Utilities
  • Right of Way
  • Easement Acquisitions
  • Organize
  • Write and Coordinate Various Grant Applications
Other duties include project administration, coordination with contractors and engineers on City specification and State requirements.

The Inspection team is responsible for inspecting the installation of sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer lines and water mains that are installed by private contractor to ensure installation comply with City and State specifications. The Inspection team also offers technical assistance to the contractors in addition to overseeing the tests that are performed on the utility projects, provide inspection services for sidewalk projects, street construction, and resurfacing projects.

Inspection Services

We provide inspection services for work done on driveways or within the street right of way to ensure that it conforms to City's specification. A permit may be obtained from the Engineering section at 252-939-3237.

Traffic Signals Team

The Traffic Signals team consists of a systems operator and signal technicians who are charged with maintaining the City's computerized traffic signal system. This includes performing routine maintenance items such as straightening signal heads, performing preventive maintenance on the signal equipment, as well as responding to trouble calls and citizen complaints about the traffic signal operation. This also includes performing traffic analyses, field checks, providing documentation, and maintaining the associated central computer components to ensure an efficient, safe, and smooth flow of traffic on the streets in the City.