811 "One Call" Utility Locates

North Carolina 811, Inc. provides information you need about the location of utility lines - underground and overhead - that could save you time and keep you safe.

Call Now, Dig Later

If you are planning to dig on your property, call North Carolina 811 at 811 at least 2 working days in advance to find out if there are underground lines you need to avoid.

North Carolina 811 operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

811 Process

Your call sets this process in motion:
  1. Utilities with underground lines near the site are notified
  2. Utilities mark underground lines with flags or paint
  3. Color-coded flags or paint mark the area:
    • Red - Electric
    • Yellow - Gas, oil, or steam
    • Orange - Telephone, television, or other communication line
    • Blue - Water
    • Green - Sewer
    • Pink - Temporary survey marking
    • White - Proposed excavation: This one phone call could save you from disrupted service, expensive repairs or personal injury.

Look Up, Look Out

The safety of those working near electric lines is important to everyone at Kinston Public Services. And in North Carolina, there is a law - the High Voltage Safety Act - to help keep you safe. This law applies to anyone planning to:
  • Work within 10 feet of an overhead high voltage power line
  • Use ladders or operate/install equipment that could approach within 10 feet of a high voltage line during installation or maintenance.
  • The person performing the work is responsible for contacting North Carolina 811 at 811 and making sure all safety precautions have been taken at least two working days before work begins. Kinston Public Services will assist you to identifying hazards and implementing necessary safety precautions. You could be subject to charges for protective actions taken on your behalf by Kinston Public Services.
Look up, look out, and practice the 10-foot rule. Remember, a simple call can keep you safe when you're working near overhead power lines.