Annual Fall Cleanup

History of Annual Fall Cleanup

The City of Kinston's Public Services Department has been coordinating fall cleanup activities since 2000. 

Litter Damage

Litter not only looks bad, but some items pose hazards for pedestrians, traffic, and wildlife. Litter also washes from land into creeks, or from streets through storm drains to creeks. There, it can concentrate sediment build up and may add nutrients, toxins or heavy metals to the water and its sediments. It may dam creeks that should be free-flowing. Litter, like six-pack rings, rope, nets and fishing line, can entangle animals and lead to their deaths. Some litter may be toxic to animals that try to eat it. Cigarette butts, which concentrate more than 165 toxins in their cellulose acetate (plastic) filters, are shown to be extremely toxic to small water organisms, and are suspected toxins when birds use them in nest building. They, as well as other items like balloons, have been found in the stomachs of dead or ill fish, birds, and marine creatures that mistake the litter as food.


Groups may volunteer to help remove litter from our community year-round by contacting our Information and Resource Specialist at 252-939-3283 for supplies and maps. High school volunteers may count the event towards their community service hours required for graduation. For more information about participating in our annual Fall Cleanup, please contact our Information and Resource Specialist at 252-939-3283.