Employee information and Summaries of Benefits such as medical coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, and a summary of the standard PPO coverage and HSA are provided to assist the employee in determining which coverage is best for the employee.

Dental and Vision as well as life insurance is found on our MetLife Summary. Note that the Vision and Dental have two plans, one low and one high to assist employees in additional coverage of exams, frames, and lenses, orthodontal, and crowns.
The Employee Summary covers the cost to the employee per benefit, plus an array of information on other benefits such as vacation leave, sick leave, and holidays.

Under Benefit Forms you will find applications for all of our healthcare benefits. The BlueCross BlueShield enrollment/change form. The MetLife enrollment/change form. The Group Insurance wavier form. Followed by the Health Sense packet, which will assist the employee in understanding the program and the point system. 

Tax forms for both Federal and NC State are placed here for easy access to our employees.

SmartShopper is a medical assistance program to assist our employees who may need procedures recommended by their primary care physician. A personal concierge can assist with appointment scheduling, explanation of benefits, and help control the cost employees pay out-of-pocket for their care. This program comes with no fees to our employees.

Teladoc gives our employees the opportunity to have a doctor at their fingertips. Our employees can call or video call a doctor for medical care without leaving their homes. This program assists with symptoms such as the flu, congestion, urinary tract infections, ear ache, and minor health issues. This program has no fees for the employees on the PPO medical coverage and a $45 fee for those covered on the HSA. Teladoc can be used by the family members located in the household of the employee for the same cost as the employee.