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​Training in the Department

The Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue is steeped in traditions and honors.  When a person from the fire service from near and far hears a person is from the KDFR Family, they automatically think of highly trained, highly professional, and well knowledgeable personnel.  
We here at the Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue pride ourselves on staying current with the latest technology and firefighting techniques to provide state of the art fire protection to our citizens, businesses, guests, and visitors throughout our city.  

The Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue Training Division ensures that each and every Firefighter within our organization right up to the Administration Staff and Fire Chief receives well over the standards of the North Carolina State requirements of one hundred ninety-two hours in Company Level Training, well over two hundred forty hours of Recruit/New Firefighter Training for the new employees of the department within their first year of being an employee with the Department, well over sixty hours of New Driver's Training for the first year of the new Back-up Drivers, well over the twelve hours of Existing Driver/Operator Training for the Regular Drivers, and well over twelve hours of Officer Training for the Captains and Administration Staff annually.

The Training Division logs in over twelve thousand to sixteen thousand hours of various training's totaled by the entire staff throughout the average year.

Safety in the Department

It is up to each and every Firefighter within our great organization to ensure that each man/woman goes home at the end of the shift.  Safety is a main component to achieve this goal.  Firefighting is one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the world, so it goes without saying that the Firefighting industry must maintain steps to keep their employees as safe as possible.  Enter the Safety Officer.  

The Fire Safety Officer must be equipped with the latest equipment and knowledge of how to be vigilant at every turn within the organization.  This is on the Incident and even in the Station during routine maintenance.  The Safety Officer must teach him/herself how to see beyond what is happening right then and take a quick sample snapshot into the future.  Always scanning the situation looking for unsafe conditions and actions that could cause an injury or worse.

The Safety Officer has a direct interaction with creating and maintaining the Training Safety Manual for the Department.  He/She is to ensure that the most current practices are being used within the Department on the incident scene and in the station. 
Station Safety Checks
Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue Maltese Cross

Recruitment in the Department

For a Department to continue on with traditions and honors, the Department must always be planning for the future and continue to receive highly trainable and knowledgeable people.  In order to do this the Department must have good standards in place and techniques to find the most qualified candidates to become future Firefighters within our Organization.   

To become a Firefighter for the Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue, one must have the following qualifications in order to apply:

  1. You must be at least 19 years old to be a Firefighter for the Kinston Department of Fire & Rescue.  
  2. High School Diploma, High School Equivalency, or have your GED
  3. Valid North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle Operators License (NCOL) with the ability to obtain a Class B NCOL within the first year of employment.
  4. A FULLY completed on-line application filed with the City of Kinston Human Resources (Click on Web Address below to access an application, create an account and sign in)
  5. Ability to complete and Pass the Fitness Entry Aptitude Test (FEAT)
  6. Pass the Interview Process of the Administration of the Kinston Department of Fire & Rescue
  7. A Good Clear Background Check from your most recent County/City of Residence (excluding minor motor vehicle infractions)
The following Training Qualifications are encouraged: 
(NOTE:  Some applicants may qualify, depending on the need and demand, to be sent to a North Carolina Certified Fire Academy as a condition of Employment)

  1. The Old North Carolina State Firefighter Level I, or Level I and II, or the new standard  (January 2015) North Carolina State Firefighters Certification
  2. Hazardous Materials Operations Level I
  3. North Carolina Medical Responder Certification within the first year of employment  (North Carolina Emergency Medical Technician B Preferred)

The Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue's Firefighter Entrance Aptitude Test

The video below is a representation of how the course is to be negotiated.  Fire Candidates must watch this video and read the FEAT Candidate Training Program Packet provided in this link provided.  During the Mandatory Meeting, the Fire Candidate will sign the Acknowledgement of Understanding Form, which will acknowledge that the Fire Candidate understands the entire requirements being asked of the candidate during the FEAT and its Penalties and Failures.  If there are any questions about the course or the hiring process the time to ask them will be during the Mandatory Meeting.

(Note:  This link may take a few minutes to upload)

​Negotiating the FEAT Course (Video)

Development in the Department

Sitting around

The Days of Ol' where the Firefighters sat around in their favorite chair telling old war stories of the last fire and waiting for the next "Big One" are gone!

The Fire Service today has made great strides in becoming more safe, more professional, and has progressed massively in technological advances.  These advances are due greatly to Firefighters looking at the way it used to be done and easier, safer ways to get things done.  This is considered Development within the Fire Service and it is constantly changing for the better.  For a Fire and Rescue Department to survive and strive within the Fire Service the Department must keep up to date with the latest technologies.  The role of the Development Division in the Fire Department is to search, research, test advanced technology, and even develop new and safer ways to keep the Public and Firefighters safe.  

Interest in the Program

If you are interested in becoming a Firefighter at Kinston Fire & Rescue, or if you know of a person that would like to participate within the program click on the Interested box/tab below and fill out the On-Line Fill-able Form and the Department Representative will get into contact with you to assist in scheduling for you come to the Fire Station and speak with you on becoming a Firefighter.  

If you or a person you know are interested in participating in the Ride-Along Program click on the Interested box/tab below and
fill out the On-line Fill-able form and the Department Representative will get into contact with you to assist in scheduling for you to come and participate in the Kinston Fire and Rescue Ride-Along Program.

Or if you are requesting a specific service you wish to have provided to you such as needing a State Certification Training that may be offered through the Lenoir Community College that is being taught at the Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue, click on the Interested box/tab below and follow the instructions to register through Lenoir Community College.
  1. Interest in Employment
  2. Ride-Along Program
  3. North Carolina Cert Training