Artists and Murals

In 2020, the Downtown Kinston Mural Program Selection Committee chose a group of artists to create a collection of public murals in our downtown. The resident-led Mural Selection Committee spent several months of discussion to select a group of artists diverse in style, content, background, location, and experience. Below is a record of the selected artists' professional website, mural, and their Virtual Artist Talk/media coverage.

  1. Maxx Moses - "The Journey"
  2. Broderick Flanigan - "Kinston Strong"
  3. Maximillian Mozingo & Jamil Burton "Adkin High School Walkout"
  4. Seraphim Smith - "Okra"
  5. Jared Bader "Kinston Music Educators"
  6. Timothy Robert Smith - "Sugar Hill"


Maxx with hoverboardProfessional Website:                    Mural Wall: IG:@maxxmoses777       J's Place; 110 W Blount St

Mural Creation: September 5th - September 30th

Media Coverage

  1. Adkin High School Walkout
  2. The March
  3. Who Sent You?
  4. Carver Theater
  5. Victory
  6. Carolyn Coefield
  7. We the People
  8. Grace
  9. One Voice

The Adkin High School Walkout murals honor the students who organized and participated in the 1951 walkout to advocate for equal educational facilities. Read the official story of the Adkin High School Walkout here.

In Maximillian’s words: I knew it was an important project as soon as I heard about the concept. Hearing from Mr. Dudley showed me how important it is to preserve the story and use it to empower young people to have the confidence to do similar things now. I wanted to share the story of the Adkin High School Walkout, but use symbols of pride and confidence to share the spirit of the moment as well as the facts. I think it will also be very insightful, and it will be important for people who don’t know this part of Kinston’s history to learn it. It was a fun project, I enjoyed working with my friend Jamil, and I think it will make a great impact on the community.

In Jamil’s words: I really enjoyed the experience, and any time I get to work with Max is a good thing. The movement itself, especially led by children, was a brave step for them to take their future in their own hands. I want people to feel the enormity of what they did, and to feel that respect. When you look at the images, realize what you’re looking at is a lot of symbolism, but the story and the statement of the walkout should be respected.

  1. "Alice Hannibal" - Choci Gray
  2. Alice Hannibal History

Choci Gray Contact: 

Facebook: LC Heritage     


Created March 8th-May7th; located at the Golden Progress Community Center; 524 S Queen St

Special thanks to Charles Hannibal for his consultation and support of the mural in honor of his parents, artist Manor Nobles, and to Pastor Robert Koonce with New Hope Ministries for their participation in the Downtown Kinston Mural Program

Media Coverage

WNCT - "Kinston Mural Remembers Community Advocates"

Neuse News "Last Mural for the Downtown Kinston Mural Program"

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Mural Walls

Eligible mural walls were selected from willing property owners located in or near the Municipal Service District downtown (purple), and not part of any existing Historic Districts (blue and yellow). The following were chosen:

  1. 212 W North St
  2. 314 N Queen St
  3. 110 W Blount St
  4. 228 S Queen St
  5. 401 S Queen St
  6. 524 S Queen St
  7. 101 N. Queen St

Kinston Mural Program Artists and Walls