Career Development

Patch_new.I. PURPOSE

The purpose of this policy is to establish a uniform and comprehensive career development program for employees of the Kinston Police Department.


  1. Career Development Program: Program established by the Kinston Police Department and approved by the City Manager that is designed to enhance advancement in the organization.
  2. Department Approved Training: Department approved training will consist of training that is relevant to the development of the employee as it relates to skills, knowledge, and etc., needed to meet the needs of the department.
  1. Courses offered by or approved by the North Carolina Justice Academy or similar type training agency.
  2. Courses approved by the Chief of Police.
  3. Courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis to determine if the training is relevant to the needs of the Department.


  1. General Information
  1. Lateral transfers from other departments are allowed. New employees meeting the tenure and training requirements in their respective fields may be hired at the level commensurate with their tenure and training provided that an allocated position is vacant.
  2. For the purpose of calculating the combination of semester hours and job related training, the following formula shall be used:

1 Semester Hour = 20 Hours of Approved Training


20 Hours of Approved Training = 1 Semester Hour

Employees, who have met the requirements for particular levels set forth in this policy and are seeking reclassification or to participate in an upcoming promotional process, shall submit a Pay Classification Routing Form through their appropriate chain of command.

If an employee receives a (3) on a performance appraisal (yearly evaluation), the employee will not be eligible for advancement (SPO – Chief, and Admin. Tech II-III); however, after (6) months from receiving the performance appraisal, the employee may be eligible for advancement – depending on the position. The employee’s supervisor will have to complete an up-to-date performance appraisal on the employee, detailing the improvement in score in order to advance.

  1. College Achievement Incentive
  2. Lateral Hiring Procedures
  3. Military Service Incentive

(Sworn & Nonsworn are eligible)

The Kinston Police Department recognizes the importance of training and education and compensates sworn and nonsworn personnel who have achieved completing a college degree. The Department will either compensate officers with a college degree at the time of an employee’s hire date, or when an employee receives a college degree. The Department will compensate personnel for the following:

  1. Associate Degree: an officer will receive 2.5% pay increase upon completion of graduation.
  2. Bachelor Degree: an officer will receive a 5% pay increase upon completion of graduation. If an officer has already received a 2.5% pay increase for his/her Associate Degree, an additional 2.5% increase will be rewarded for a total of 5%.
  3. Master Degree: an officer will receive 2.5% pay increase upon completion of graduation.
  4. Members of the Kinston Police Department are not eligible for the City of Kinston’s (separate) College Incentive program (1 time payment of 500 - 1,000, as well as tuition reimbursement program).

*Those eligible for the College Achievement Incentive must have received their college degree no earlier than May 1, 2015 (if they are current KPD personnel) or must have been hired by the City of Kinston after May 1, 2015.

*For positions where a college degree is mandatory (for a position), this incentive doesn’t apply; also, this incentive doesn’t apply for personnel who have their salary adjusted for possessing a college degree and/or prior experience upon their hire date.