Kinston 101: At Your Own Pace

Kinston 101 is a 9 session program that shares information with citizens about the city operations while increasing their capacity to participate in local government. Kinston 101 fulfills our goal to "continuously engage the citizenry to solicit feedback, generate ideas, and garner support for projects, policies, and improvements to Kinston’s quality of life" (Plan Kinston, 2015).

In the spring of 2020, our first cohort of Kinston 101 finished the program virtually due to COVID-19. That experience inspired us to create an online, self-guided version of Kinston 101 that shares much of the information from the formal program. However, this self-guided tour of city departments does not include the personal conversations with staff, our tours (City Hall, Kinston Community Center, Fire Station 1, Police Department, Johnnie Mosley Water Reclamation Facility, and more!), and interaction with other like-minded citizens. If you are interested in being part of Kinston 101, please check our "Kinston 101" webpage to see when the next cohort application will open!


Kinston 101 aims to:

  • Inform citizens about city operations and opportunities for engagement
  • Invest in a body of citizens interested in future public service
  • Identify further opportunities for transparency and effective communication by city departments
  • Build relationships between citizens and public servants
  • Learn from citizens in Kinston 101

Kinston 101 Sessions

Topic Topic
1. Introduction to City Government 5. Pride of Kinston                     
2. The Hub: Finance, Human Resources, and Management Information Services 6. Parks and Recreation                              
3. Public Services I - The Divisions 7. Police
4. Planning, Inspections, and Code Enforcement 8. Fire and Rescue
Break! 9. The Budget
Kinston101 logo


Each session includes a video sharing information about the City Department, and a section of "Session Materials" with additional information referenced in the video. Take these sessions at your own pace, and take breaks when you need it! You can complete these sessions in any order, and when you're finished, feel free to let us know at or 252-939-3271 for personal congratulations!

Thank you for your interest in the operations of the City--enjoy!

  1. Introduction to City Government
  2. Session Materials
  1. Public Services
  2. Session Materials
  3. Wastewater Treatment Facility
  4. Careers in Public Services
  1. Planning, Inspections, and Code Enforcement
  2. Session Materials
  1. Parks and Recreation
  2. Session Materials
  1. Kinston Police Department
  2. Session Materials
  1. Fire and Rescue
  2. Session Materials
  3. Safety Materials


You've completed the Kinston 101: Self-Guided sessions! If you want to learn even more about the City from the Department Heads themselves, join us for our next in-person cohort of Kinston 101--look on our Kinston 101 page to see when the next application opens!