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The City of Kinston, in partnership with American Flood Coalition, Design Workshop, and Kinston Teens is looking for community input to create a Master Plan for Emma Webb Park. This plan will map out the park's future amenities and plan improvements to the stream to address flooding impacts on the surrounding neighborhood. The Master Plan created from the survey, community workshops, and other outreach will help Parks and Recreation obtain grant funding to implement this vision.

We need your help! Stay tuned for the survey and share your thoughts about what you'd like to see at Emma Webb Park!

emma webb workshop 7-15

The Project

  1. Community Engagement
    1. Gathering community input to identify community goals and objectives that will be used to inform design of the park and elements within it. 
  2. Stream Channel Re-Design
    1. The conceptual redesign of the stream channel within Emma Webb Park, focused on reducing potential flood impacts to the park and surrounding areas.
  3. Emma Webb Park Master Plan
    1. A conceptual master plan for the park as a whole, to include both stormwater management and park amenity elements. This plan will summarize community goals and objectives into a concise format for community.
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Our Partners

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