Emma Webb Park Plan and Project

The City of Kinston, in partnership with American Flood Coalition, Design Workshop, and Kinston Teens worked diligently to gather community input in an effort to create our Master Plan for Emma Webb Park. This plan maps out the park's future amenities and includes improvements to the stream to address flooding impacts on the surrounding neighborhood. The Master Plan was created from the survey data, community workshops, and other outreach. The City of Kinston and the Kinston/Lenoir County Parks and Recreation Department will use this document as a guide for this parks development. 

Utilizing the Master Plan the City was awarded $500,000 in matching funds through the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund to complete phase 1 of this great park renovation. Phase 1 includes walking trails, a restored stream, amphitheater, basketball courts, a splash pad, and enhanced playground area. 

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The Project

  1. Pool Demolition and Stream Restoration
    1. Prior to any demolition, all power and power poles had to be removed, then we were able to put shovels in the ground. The first step in this renovation is the demolition of the large pool and cleaning out the stream that divides the park in half.  This work is already underway and should be completed around Labor Day 2023.
  2. Amphitheater
    1. Once all demolition is complete we will work on our design for the amphitheater. The plan is to create a much larger performance pad than anywhere in Kinston to encourage large performances at this site. The amphitheater will be constructed out of concrete and we plan to begin this part of the project after demolition is complete around Labor Day. 
  3. Trail Construction
    1. Using historic brick from the Train Depot that was demolished here in Kinston, we are working with Fulcher's Landscaping to construct brick paver walking trails throughout the park. The trails will cover 14,000sq ft and will travel right around a half of a mile. Our plan also includes the installation of light bollards along the trail to encourage safety and to give the park a beautiful glow in the evening. 
  4. Basketball Court Construction
    1. Currently at Emma Webb Park there are two dilapidated tennis courts and we are going to transform this space into a small parking area and two full-size outdoor basketball courts. These courts are being constructed with asphalt and white lines will be painted to depict the court. 
  5. Splash Pad and Playground
    1. Our final stage of this project is the construct the splash pad and playground area. The goal at this time is to install a 2,000sq ft splash pad using ground sprays to limit maintenance and increase usability during the summer months for all ages and abilities. Along with the splash pad, we are planning to enhance the playground area with new equipment that is exciting and playful for all ages. 
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Our Partners

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