Planning Board / Board of Adjustment

The Planning Board and Board of Adjustment are two citizen boards which help to shape the ordinances and determinations which influence zoning, development, and land use in the City of Kinston. At the City, these boards are comprised of the same group of people, but their policies are different depending on which board they are currently meeting under.

Planning Board

Duties and Powers

The power and duties of the Planning Board are as follows:

  1. Help the City Council develop and Comprehensive Plan (including a Land Use Plan) to guide future development and land use;
  2. Review and advise the City Council on all requests for Rezoning, Conditional Use Permits, and  interpretations of the Unified Development Ordinance
  3. Develop and recommend Planning policies, ordinances, and administrative procedures
  4. Advise the City Council on all proposed plats of land subdivision that fall under the purview of the Planning Board;
  5. Perform other duties as directed by the City Council.


A quorum shall consist of more than one half of the appointed members of the Board present for any meeting of the Board. Once the existence of a quorum is established, votes may proceed by simple majority of the members present at the meeting.

Board of Adjustment

Duties and Powers

  1. Hear requests for variances and appeals of decisions of administrative officials charged with enforcement of the Unified Development Ordinance, which includes any final and binding order, requirement, or determination.
  2. Questions involving interpretations of the zoning map, including disputed district boundary lines and lot lines.


A quorum shall consist of the number of members equal to four-fifths of the regular Board membership (excluding vacant seats). A quorum is necessary for the board to take official action.

Once the existence of a quorum is established, votes may proceed by simple majority of the members present at the meeting, unless the item is a variance. Variances require the concurring vote of four-fifths of the Board membership (excluding vacant seats). 


The Planning Board and BOA currently meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 830am in the City Council Chambers at 207 E King St (as long as there is business to discuss). Requests for the next meeting and agenda can be made by calling 252-939-3265.


The Planning Board and BOA consists of seven (7) members. Five (5) members, appointed by the City Council, shall reside within the city. Two (2) members, appointed by the County Board of Commissioners, shall reside within the city’s extraterritorial planning area. Members serve for 3 years and may two, three-year terms for a maximum of six years. 

At the first meeting of every year, the Board shall elect officers to serve as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Planning Board and BOA. The Chair shall preside at all meetings, appoint all standing and temporary committees, and shall exercise full voting rights at this or her discretion on any matters under consideration. The Vice-Chair shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair and shall carry all the rights and privileges of the Chair. The Planning Director shall act as Secretary to the Board.

  1. Dorian Edwards - 2nd term expires 10/25/23
  2. Jess Edwards (Chair)- 2nd term expires 10/25/23
  3. Heith Harrison (Vice-Chair)- 1st term expires 7/15/2023
  4. Clifton Hargett - 1st term expires 1/15/24
  5. Jeff Laws - 1st term expires 2/25/24
  6. Position open
  7. Position open