Citizens Police Academy

The Kinston Police Department Citizen Police Academy is a free community education program intended to build lasting relationships between program participants and the Kinston Police Department, with the ultimate goal of reducing crime and achieving the best police service in the Kinston community. 

The program provides people an inside look at the values, philosophies, and operations of the Agency, while at the same time serving as an open forum for questions, discussion, and the exchange of ideas.  Both participants and Agency personnel will be better able to dispel concerns and misconceptions, improving police and community rapport.

Participants have the opportunity to learn from subject-matter experts from different members of the Agency, who provide instruction on topics such as the function of patrol officers, ABC’s of policing, community policing, investigations, crime scene investigation, internal affairs, and laws of arrest, search, and seizure. Participants also learn about how individuals become police officers and about the on-going training that officers receive. 

We will hold the 2024 session in the fall and will have additional information located on our website and social media pages.