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Business Inspection Interaction Survey

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  2. Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue
    P. O. Drawer 339, 401 E Vernon Avenue Kinston, North Carolina 28502 Office Phone: 252-939-3164 Fax Phone : 252-939-3157
  3. Business Inspection Interaction Survey
  4. Survey Information
  5. Contact Interaction*
    Do you wish to be contacted in reference to the Survey or any Concerns?
  6. Introduction*
    Did the Fire Inspector Introduce Him/Herself?
  7. Survey Instructions
    In the following questions, please be candid with us and select the following levels of your interaction with the Fire Inspector. 1 = Very Unsatisfied, 2 = Unsatisfied, 3 = Somewhat Satisfied, 4 = Satisfied and 5 = Very Satisfied
  8. 1. The Fire Inspector's professional and personal demeanor during your interaction.
  9. 2. The Fire Inspector's knowledge of Fire Prevention Codes during your interaction.
  10. 3. The Fire Inspector took time to explain findings during the inspection.
  11. 4. The Fire Inspector answered any questions, or attempted to research any answers of requests during your interaction.
  12. 5. The Fire Inspector allowed ample time to correct any first-time found violations prior to re-inspection and/or follow-up.
  13. 6. Follow-up to re-inspect was within a reasonable and timely manner.
  14. 7. Overall Fire Inspection experience during your encounter with the personnel of the Kinston Department of Fire and Rescue.
  16. Please add any additional comments that you would like to express.

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