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Special Event Permit

  1. Kinston Police NC patch
  2. Kinston Police Department Special Event Permit
  3. Please review the City of Kinston Special Events Guidelines before submitting your application. This form must be submitted at least fifteen (15) business days before the event, along with the Street Closure Notification Form. Type or print all information. If any questions please contact the Special Event Coordinator Lola Dunn at (252)939-3227 or by email
  4. Street Closure Notification Form attached?*
  5. Event Description and Contact Information
  6. Non-profit must attach a copy of 501(c)3 status. Is this attached?
  7. General Event Information
  8. Type of Event (check all appropriate):
  9. Note: A map of your event and/or your proposed route (including assembly and disbanding areas) must be attached to this application.
  10. Please check any special activities that apply to your event.
  11. Is your event open to the general public?
  12. Is this a fund raising project?
  13. Is this the first time you are holding this event?
  14. Will any public streets need to be fully or partially closed or blocked off?
  15. If no, will any sidewalks be closed or blocked off:
  16. Please described requested street/sidewalk closures OR attached a detailed map and turn-by-turn directions.
  17. Will other police services be requested (traffic/parking directions, route layout, etc.)?
  18. Will you have tents?
  19. Will any of the tents be over 400 sq. ft.?
  20. Reminder: If yes, please contact Kinston Fire Department 252-939-3164
  21. What are your plans for providing emergency medical services (choose one)
  22. Is your event location at a city park or on a trail?
  23. If yes, contact Parks & Recreation Reservations
  24. How do you plan to handle restroom services:
  25. Do you plan to sell, distribute or give away food or refreshments? (check all that apply)
  26. Do you plan to sell or serve alcohol: Reminder: If yes, contact Sergeant S. Jackson 252-939-3184
  27. Is Alcohol Permit attached:
  28. Will security services be needed (required when alcohol is served)? Reminder: If yes, contact Special Event Coordinator Lola Dunn 252-939-3227
  29. Type of Alcohol (check all that apply):
  30. Who is serving/selling alcohol (check all that apply):
  31. Is applicant in Compliance with Certification of Insurance Coverage:
  32. Is Insurance Policy attached?
  33. Note: The Event Coordinator is responsible for contacting residents and business owners that will be affected by street closing or sidewalk closing prior to or in a reasonable amount of time before the event.
  34. Conditions of your Application
  35. Submitting this Special Event Permit Application does not provide permission to conduct your planned event. Please do not send out publicity, flyers or other media prior to receiving confirmation of approval. Your confirmation will be in the form of a PERMIT, issued to the organization and/or person responsible for conducting the event. Applicants agree to remove all props and items brought into the public areas and clean up all litter and debris that result from the event the same day as the event (unless explicit arrangements are made otherwise). Issuance of a permit does NOT grant applicants to tow vehicles from reserved or closed areas. Return this application and all supporting documentation to: By Email: 252-939-3227
  36. By Mail:
  37. In Person:
  38. Kinston Police Department
  39. Kinston Police Department
  40. Attn: Lola Dunn
    P.O. Box 339 Kinston, NC 28502
  41. Attn: Lola Dunn
    205 E. King Street Kinston, NC 28501
  42. Final approval of the permit will be authorized by the City Council or Chief of Police.
    Written notification of intent to cancel your event must be received in writing a minimum of 21 days prior to the scheduled event date. It should be received by the Special Event Coordinator at the either of the addresses above.
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